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Parking Curfew for Hiram Village Streets: No parking Monday through Friday 2:00 am - 6:00 am (Exceptions) Weekends and Holidays
STANDARDS FOR EMPLOYMENT CONSIDERATION Minimum Requirements for Police Officer Position: Oral interviews, background investigation, voice stress analyzer, written test and psychological evaluations. Qualifications include: U.S. citizenship, high school diploma/GED, minimum age of 21, possess a valid Ohio Peace Officer Basic Training Academy Certificate and a valid Ohio Driver’s License. . The Hiram Police Reserve Officer Program is comprised of fully commissioned officers, who wish to train as a Police Officer. These officers supplement the full-time officers in a variety of duties throughout the Department. Patrol in vehicles, foot patrol, or on bicycle patrol.  Most Reserve Officers work alongside veteran officers, but others can qualify to patrol on their own after successfully completing the Field Training Program. Completion of the FTO program will result in a paid police officer position.  Officers will perform general law enforcement, which includes street patrol, conducting police investigations, report writing, collision investigations, traffic control, issuance of citations, and other law enforcement functions. The Hiram Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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