Parking Curfew for Hiram Village Streets: No Parking from 2:00 am - 5:00 am Monday (Exceptions: Weekends and Holidays)
PH:330-569-3236 FAX: 330-569-0128
The Village of Hiram is an Equal Opportunity Employerployer
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Safety Topics
Vision Statement:
To provide the best possible opportunity to live, work, raise a family in a
safe community, by preserving the peace and by reducing both the reality
and perception of crime.
Our mission is to provide the highest degree of service to our community by encompassing community policing with proactive enforcement so that we can provide a safe and secure enviroment for our citizens to live in. It is critical that all members of the Hiram Police Department understands and supports our mission. The mission forms the legitimate basis for our existance and is the foundation of our policies, procedures, beliefs and practices.The authority by which our department operates and the resources, which are granted, is a direct reflection of ourcommunity’s trust. Every officer understands that the missuse of our authority and resources will lead to the erosion of public trust and eventual alienation.
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